Oregon is
our neighborhood.

The Reser Family Foundation continues Al and Pat Reser’s decades-long commitment to giving back to Oregon communities. The Reser Family is passionate about strengthening Oregonians through charitable grants made to organizations doing broad-based, innovative, inclusive work across our state.

Learn more below about the types of projects and programs we currently support through our twice-yearly grant cycles.

Additionally, a separate program in support of rural Oregon communities is available to those outside of metropolitan areas.

Our Cornerstones

To help create the broadest possible benefit to Oregonians, The Reser Family Foundation focuses on four Cornerstones—Education, Health, Arts, and Environment—to guide giving.


Grants supporting student success and engagement

Education Funding Priorities

  1. Support school-day academic and transitional programs that encourage student success.
  2. Provide after-school enrichment and support for extracurricular activities in middle schools.
  3. Support the basic needs of students with limited economic means on their path to a high school diploma or GED.

A closer look at our current funding priorities in Education:

  • In-school programs in public schools or independent schools that serve children with special needs
  • Programs that support Career Technical Education (CTE) initiatives, first-generation college students, and schools serving low-income youth

We accept grant requests that have clear letters of support, signed by the school administrator (e.g., superintendent) if applicable.

If your request is for capital construction and replacement of equipment, please see our Built Environment funding priority.


Grants serving Oregonians affected by life-altering events

Health Funding Priorities

  1. Serve children affected by a severe health diagnosis or life-altering event.
  2. Support the basic needs of children with limited economic means.
  3. Help underserved adults to achieve independence or improve quality of life after a severe health diagnosis or life-altering event.

A closer look at our current funding priorities in Health:

  • Requests that address food insecurity, safe housing and basic necessities
  • Accessibility equipment and assistive technology, evidence-based therapy, counseling and advocacy that improve long-term outcomes.

We are not currently reviewing requests for medical research funding.

If your request is for capital construction and replacement of equipment, please see our Built Environment funding priority.

The Arts

Grants to engage communities with the arts and increase access

Arts Funding Priorities

  1. Engage youth through creative visual and performing arts programs.
  2. Support broad-based community arts programs that increase access and enrich communities.

A closer look at our current funding priorities in The Arts:

  • Requests from regional, broad-based community art programs
  • Youth art programs (e.g., painting, drawing, music, theater, dance and craft)
  • Other community enrichment programs

If your request is for capital construction and replacement of equipment, please see our Built Environment funding priority.

If your organization is a school, please apply under the Education Cornerstone. Funding for individual artists is outside of our Arts guidelines.


Grants supporting either the natural environment or the built environment

Environment Funding Priorities

  1. Cultivate the long-term resiliency and vitality of our natural environment while engaging communities.
  2. Support community and economic development in the built environment that create sustainable community improvement.

A closer look at our current funding priorities in Environment:

  • Requests for programs and activities that will affect change, increase efficiencies and create new opportunities for community engagement
  • Public access riparian restorations that involve community
  • Other building projects that improve community livability

Funding for land acquisition, litigation, preliminary studies or preliminary research is outside of our current funding priorities.

The foundation will consider capital fundraising requests when more than 70% of the funds needed to complete the project have been raised/pledged.

“The Reser Family Foundation believes that every child will thrive when they are with a loving families where their needs are being met. When working with the Foundation we are treated with respect and value the conversation we share about the real issues we are facing.”

Suzan Huntington, Ed.D., President & CEO, Boys & Girls Aid

“The generous support from The Reser Family Foundation has been invaluable to our programs and has helped Chalkboard Project advocate for what we believe: Teachers have the potential to impact a student’s learning, enthusiasm for school, and purpose in life. The Foundation has been incredibly supportive, responsive, and engaged in our work!”

Perla Sitcov, Chalkboard Project


“Thanks to the partnership with the Reser Family Foundation, thousands of vulnerable Oregonians have received dental care services. The Foundation’s generosity has a profound impact on so many men, women and children when they no longer have dental pain and can smile with confidence again.”

Debra Hirsh, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Medical Teams International

“The Reser Family Foundation’s support has been life changing for Park Academy students. Their ongoing commitment to education for students struggling with dyslexia creates a more equitable and inclusive community. We are grateful!”

Elizabeth Dove, Park Academy, Development Director