The Reser Family Foundation has established several scholarship programs.

Students at the following schools have access to apply through their counseling office:

– M5 Reser Family Foundation Renewable Scholarship at Aloha High School

– The Reser Family Foundation Renewable Scholarship at Westview High School

– The Reser Family Foundation Renewable Scholarship at Tualatin High School

– The Reser Family Foundation Renewable Scholarship at Beaverton High School

– The Patricia Valian Renewable Scholarship at Cleveland High School

Additional Scholarship Programs:

– The Reser Family Foundation Renewable Next Gen Scholarship

The Alex Reser Scholarship


The Reser Family Foundation proudly celebrates our scholarship recipients!

Helia Attar

Helia is a former student of Westview High School, where her involvement in a diverse array of activities reflected her commitment to personal growth and community service. She engaged in Martial Arts, Water Polo, Key Club, Junior State of America, and actively participated in the NHS Blood Drive. In her free time, Helia selflessly dedicated herself to teaching swimming lessons to children, demonstrating her dedication to helping others.

Her impressive academic achievements include earning the title of AP Scholar with Distinction, highlighting her academic excellence, and receiving recognition as the Water Polo Most Inspirational Player of the Year, underlining her positive impact on her sports team.

Helia has chosen to further her education at Boston College, where she is pursuing degrees in International Studies and Law. Her passion lies in supporting children and families striving for a brighter and more promising future, showcasing her dedication to making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Awarded in 2023.

Clare Pashak

Clare, a graduate of Beaverton High School, is attending University of Oregon, where she is majoring in English, driven by her passion for literature and creative expression. Clare has been recognized for her exceptional talents as both a musician and a writer. She has a gift for using her creative outlets to inspire and uplift others, particularly serving as a positive role model for young individuals facing various hardships. Frequently, those who encounter her creative work express the sentiment, “You should write a book!” – a testament to the impact of her artistic endeavors.

Her commitment to making a positive difference extends to her involvement with nonprofit organizations like The Dougy Center and The Oregon Humane Society. Clare is deeply passionate about their missions, and she aspires to dedicate more of her free time during summers to volunteer and support causes that are close to her heart.

Awarded in 2023.

Cohen Velazquez

Cohen graduated from Tualatin High School, where he actively engaged in a diverse range of activities. These included playing multiple musical instruments in the school band, participating in sports like basketball, wrestling, soccer, skiing, cross country, and track & field. Beyond his personal pursuits, he dedicated his time to community service through involvement with Team Tualatin Community Rejuvenation Projects, contributing to the Oregon Food Bank, and offering academic tutoring.

Cohen is now ready to fulfill his lifelong dream of studying Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University, a passion he has nurtured since the tender age of five.

Awarded in 2023.

Jimena Noa-Guevara

Jimena Noa-Guevara received the Next-Gen student scholarship, and will be pursuing a STEM path at Oregon State University. Jimena discovered an interest in programming at age 14 and has been pursuing robotics and computer science ever since. She grew through the difficult subject to achieve the awards in Computing from the Rochester Institute of Technology and the National Center for Woman & Information Technology. However, she credits one of her greatest achievements as being a mentor in computer science, through virtual workshops she set up that allows her to teach to students in Peru. Technology is far from her only interest. Jimena has also spent time on the varsity teams of volleyball and tennis and spent time volunteering with her community as the Vice President of the Corvallis Chapter of Key Club.

Awarded in 2022.

Vaun Halstead

Vaun Halstead, a distinguished wrestler with two state championship titles, has been honored as the recipient of The Alex Reser Scholarship for 2023. Vaun is currently pursuing a degree in Construction Engineering Management at Oregon State University, where he will continue to be an integral part of the wrestling team.

During his time at Thurston High School, Vaun was an active participant in various sports and extracurricular activities, including baseball, football, wrestling, 4-H, Leadership Board, and coaching. Alongside his athletic commitments, he dedicated his time to volunteer work within his church community. Vaun’s dedication extends beyond the sports arena; he also stands out academically and is known for being a team player who inspires those around him to strive for excellence.

Awarded in 2023.

Raquel Rojas

Raquel Rojas, a graduate of Aloha High School, made a lasting impact during her time there. She served as a cadet teacher and mentor to elementary school students, demonstrating her commitment to education and helping others. Raquel also distinguished herself academically and actively participated in AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination), showcasing her dedication to personal growth and learning.

Currently, Raquel is pursuing a degree in Business at Portland State University, where she is poised to turn her dreams into reality by assisting her family in launching their own company. Teachers who have had the privilege of knowing Raquel describe her as a passionate, driven individual with an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Awarded in 2023.

Lesly Rojas

Lesly was selected for the renewable Next Gen Scholarship. She graduated from McKay High School with at weighted GPA of 3.75. She is attending Oregon State University, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Lesly dreams BIG and feels the sky is the limit! In her perfect world, she will be the CEO of her own engineering firm…to solve problems, work in the biomedical field, inventing and innovating equipment to help those in need of medical devices.

In the community, she has volunteered more than 2,000 hours as a public relations officer, co-chair on a student advisory board, as a LINK peer mentor, and many other programs. Lesly is proud to be a first-generation female studying STEM.

Awarded in 2021.

Orlando Alvarez Flores

Orlando Alvarez Flores is a former student of North Salem High school and a recipient of the 2020 Junior Board Scholarship currently attending Western Oregon University. Orlando was in the first class of students to begin his college experience during the pandemic and has faced numerous challenges associated with school shifting between an online and offline state. Despite this, he has excelled and hopes to graduate early.

His field of study has been psychology, with a minor in sociology, in order to achieve his long-time goal of working as a bilingual behavioral psychologist. In that field, he hopes to work with kids and youth, which he has already started to help through his position as a Classroom Aide for Head Start, an organization that assists young low-income children accomplish their full potential in school. He credits the pandemic as showing him new methods of outreach he can use to help engage with future clients in the community.

Awarded in 2020.

Kyla Burroughs

Kyla, an alumna of Roosevelt High School, has embarked on a new chapter of her academic journey at Howard University in Washington D.C., where she plans to build a career in Sports Broadcasting. During her high school years, Kyla not only showcased her skills on the basketball court but also assumed a leadership role as the President of the Black Student Union. She actively engaged in a range of community service activities, demonstrating her commitment to giving back.

Kyla’s remarkable communication skills were evident in her role as the Master of Ceremonies at various school events. School staff praised her as a “powerhouse” and a “leader” who excelled in connecting with others, highlighting her natural talent for public speaking and engaging with diverse audiences.

Awarded in 2023.

Danny Danh

Danny Danh completed his high school education at Cleveland High School, where he made a significant impact through his volunteer work and extracurricular activities. Notably, he served as an instructor at a nearby SUN School, dedicating his time to support the educational development of others. Danny was an active member of several school clubs, including the Chess Club, the Youth Empowerment Project, and the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Club. Despite the demands of his commitments, Danny maintained an impressive level of academic success, showcasing his dedication to his education.

Danny is enrolled at the University of Portland where he is pursuing a degree in Public Health. His ambitious goal is to earn a Masters in Nursing, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact on the field of healthcare and, ultimately, the well-being of individuals and communities.

Awarded in 2023.