The Reser Family Foundation has established several scholarship programs.

Students at the following schools have access to apply through their counseling office:

– M5 Reser Family Foundation Renewable Scholarship at Aloha High School

– The Reser Family Foundation Renewable Scholarship at Westview High School

– The Reser Family Foundation Renewable Scholarship at Tualatin High School

– The Reser Family Foundation Renewable Scholarship at Beaverton High School

– The Patricia Valian Renewable Scholarship at Cleveland High School

Additional Scholarship Programs:

– The Reser Family Foundation Renewable Next Gen Scholarship

The Alex Reser Scholarship


The Reser Family Foundation proudly celebrates our scholarship recipients!

Keshav Anand

Keshav Anand is headed to Portland State University after receiving the Reser Family Foundation scholarship. Keshav leaves behind an impressive basketball legacy at Westview High School, being the first freshman to make the varsity team in over a decade and has only continued to grow in the sport. He participated in International Elite basketball, an additional league that allows students to travel and play in a more advanced level, in addition to his time with the Westview Wildcats. He has maintained several leadership roles, including captain of the school team and as the coach for Hoop Camp, an organization that creates sports opportunities for people with special needs. He hopes to utilize those leadership skills in the future, as he moves into college to study finance with eventual goals to be self-employed and give back to his community.

Awarded 2022

Julie Nguyen

Julie Nguyen is an incoming student to the University of Oregon’s business program, and a recent graduate of Aloha High School. Throughout her time in high school, she has been extremely involved in student life. Julie has held multiple positions within student government as Co-Senior Class President and head of Student Leadership. She represents not just her fellow students in student government, but also her school in competitions for cross country and track and field. As she leaves, she is considered to be a “irreplaceable part of the social fabric of Aloha High School.” She now has her time to shine in University of Oregon’s class of 2026!

Awarded 2022

Meletulu Tafafu

Meletulu Tafafu is a hardworking student from Cleveland High School awarded the Patricia Valian Reser Scholarship. Meletulu is the youngest of a large family and credits many years of taking care of others as her inspiration to strive for the field of medicine, specifically in the field of pharmacy. She plans to pursue her pre-pharmacy degree at Portland State University where she is excited to discover new extracurriculars and explore life, before going onto her Doctorate in Pharmacy. With this degree, she hopes to help her family as well as give back to her community.

Awarded 2022

Jimena Noa-Guevara

Jimena Noa-Guevara received the Next-Gen student scholarship, and will be pursuing a STEM path at Oregon State University. Jimena discovered an interest in programming at age 14 and has been pursuing robotics and computer science ever since. She grew through the difficult subject to achieve the awards in Computing from the Rochester Institute of Technology and the National Center for Woman & Information Technology. However, she credits one of her greatest achievements as being a mentor in computer science, through virtual workshops she set up that allows her to teach to students in Peru. Technology is far from her only interest. Jimena has also spent time on the varsity teams of volleyball and tennis and spent time volunteering with her community as the Vice President of the Corvallis Chapter of Key Club.

Awarded 2022

Nash Singleton

Nash Singleton was the student wrestler awarded the Alex Reser Scholarship Fund. Nash spent four years as the captain of the Roseburg High School wrestling team as well as spending those four years teaching children wrestling at Roseburg Mat club and through other. He stated that wrestling has helped him learn that “nothing was impossible” and showed him the value of determination and dedication. Outside of the gym, Nash spent four years as member of the Future Business Leaders of America Club and volunteering for many different local organizations including the local Wish Upon a Star organization, school organizations like Link Crew, and helping his fellow community members.

While Nash eventually wishes to run his family’s ranch, he first plans to pursue a career in forensic accounting by attending Oregon State University in Fall 2022 with a focus on business and accounting.

Awarded 2022

Chloe Albers

Chloe Albers was selected from Tualatin High School to be a recipient for the Reser Family Foundation scholarship. Chloe is active in improving her community, spending time volunteering to teach children sports with Tualatin Parks and Recreation as well as becoming involved with SOLVE— Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism. Chloe is a first-generation college student and will be pursuing a degree in Biology from Oregon State University in order to achieve her long-time goal of being a dermatologist, which she hopes to use to brighten the lives and boost the confidence of young women.

Awarded 2022

Lesly Rojas

Lesly was selected for the renewable Next Gen Scholarship. She graduated from McKay High School with at weighted GPA of 3.75. She is attending Oregon State University, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Lesly dreams BIG and feels the sky is the limit! In her perfect world, she will be the CEO of her own engineering firm…to solve problems, work in the biomedical field, inventing and innovating equipment to help those in need of medical devices.

In the community, she has volunteered more than 2,000 hours as a public relations officer, co-chair on a student advisory board, as a LINK peer mentor, and many other programs. Lesly is proud to be a first-generation female studying STEM.

Awarded 2021

Orlando Alvarez Flores

Orlando Alvarez Flores is a former student of North Salem High school and a recipient of the 2020 Junior Board Scholarship currently attending Western Oregon University. Orlando was in the first class of students to begin his college experience during the pandemic and has faced numerous challenges associated with school shifting between an online and offline state. Despite this, he has excelled and hopes to graduate early.

His field of study has been psychology, with a minor in sociology, in order to achieve his long-time goal of working as a bilingual behavioral psychologist. In that field, he hopes to work with kids and youth, which he has already started to help through his position as a Classroom Aide for Head Start, an organization that assists young low-income children accomplish their full potential in school. He credits the pandemic as showing him new methods of outreach he can use to help engage with future clients in the community.

Awarded 2020

Joli Wolf 

Joli Wolf is a nursing student at George Fox University and the recipient of the 2019 Junior Board Scholarship. Despite entering the medical field during an incredibly tumultuous time, Joli has had an incredible set of experiences learning different types of care. She has worked with Gentog, which provides intergenerational care to older generations and children under five, where she has learned about in-home care and enjoyed working with younger children. She looks forward to her next year of nursing school, which will provide more clinical work and opportunities for her to learn how to care for those around her.

Awarded 2019